ABOUT US - xcircle

Who we are
xcircle, founded in 2022, is a curated art platform, representing leading international artists in the field of digital art.The exhibitions, in the metaverse and in physical spaces, highlight the rich way in which artists respond to the materials, forces, and questions of the day and follow our passion to present significant movements, themes and ideas of our time. xcircle is also a circle for like-minded people – a community interested in innovation and the future of art.All this with knowledge, experience and love for art!

Core Team

Arndt Johannes



Founder Arndt is a professional design agent and is responsible for the virtual staging of images in high-end quality as well as techniques that enable product marketing in 3D first-class in the metaverse.

Christina Brugger



Founder Christina already founded her first internet company in 1999. From 2003-2005 she ran an art gallery together with Annette, before specializing in the real estate industry from 2006. For xcircle she is not only responsible for the legal area, but also for sales.

Dr. Annette Doms



Founder Annette is an art historian, specialiced in digital art. She has been active in the blockchain space since 2013. In 2014 she was a co-founder of Germany's first fair for digital art, UNPAINTED. She is responsible for xcircle as Head of Curation and Collection Advisor.

What we do

xcircle is a curated and dynamic presentation of digital art provides orientation and security - geared towards art collectors who focus on quality and sustainability.

xcircle is not a classic art space like the white cube, nor is it a virtual space for an art audience interested only in tech. xcircle is borderless in time and space and creates a cross-generational immersive, three-dimensional access through an intuitive VR architecture, where any art can be experienced as a digital twin. xcircle combines IRL experience with virtual experience, demonstrating the transfer of analog art to NFTs and vice versa.

Our Mission

xcircle democratizes art! 

Art on the blockchain is open to all: all ages, all ethnicities, all budgets!
xcircle is a circle for like-minded people - together with our community, we want to celebrate innovation and the future of art ! 🎉

xcircle NFT holders are contributors and investors in our mission, which comes with the invitation to our private club and unique benefits.

Ambassador of our circle is Ava Verce, virtual influencer and first virtual artist. Born through software, interacting with the real world, she confronts us with new questions regarding our own reality. xcircle is thrilled of presenting soon her first virtual artworks.

Our Roadmap


May 20th
Debut of xcircle IRL and virtual


June - August - November
IRL shows


Opening of the 2nd xcircle virtual show


IRL show at FAMTAIN Members Club Munich


Preparation of an own NFT minting platform


Participation at the show TIME SPACE EXISTENCE by the European Cultural Center during La Biennale, Venice


Art Performance at w3.vision x DMEXCO, Cologne